We believe that everyone, everywhere should have access to affordable eye care.

Working in collaboration with governments, local and international NGOs, and the private sector, we are committed to establishing locally based eye care services to ensure all people in our partner countries can benefit from good vision. A major element of our work is the development of sustainable Vision Centres where patients can receive a free walk-in eye test, purchase an affordable pair of glasses to correct their vision or, if necessary, be referred for further specialist treatment.


To operate effectively, the Vision Centres are equipped with qualified eye care workers, facilities for eye tests to be conducted and in some cases, an optical laboratory where glasses can be tailor-made to each prescription. 

When establishing the Vision Centres, Vision Aid Overseas provides the centres with optical equipment and an initial stock of frames and lenses.  Training is given on the use and maintenance of all equipment, as well as all aspects of running the centre as a business, including management of the finances, stock control, procurement, and data management.

Our goal is to ensure that these Vision Centres are self-sufficient, and each vision centre has a tailor-made business plan, with income generated from the sale of spectacles being reinvested into the vision centre.  Using this approach, the Vision Centres can become self-sufficient in the long-term and can independently provide quality eye care for their local communities.

We currently support Vision Centres in: Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Ghana, Sierra Leone and Zambia.

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