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Malaria, TB and Aids medical advisor receives life-changing glasses, allowing her to continue to work


Country: Zambia

Occupation: Malaria, Tb and Aids advisor and farmer


Meet Thelesa, a 58-year old maize and beans farmer in Zambia. Alongside farming, Thelesa is a TB, Aids and Malaria medical advisor, providing screening and advice at the local rural health clinic at Nyawa, Zambia.  



Thelesa regularly performs a finger prick blood test to screen the local population for Malaria. If her patient has a positive result she then gives out life-saving medicine. However, Thelesa had been struggling to take these vital blood samples and to see the indicator line on the kit itself, due to her deteriorating eye sight.


After one of our teams visited the health clinic, it was found that Thelesa required a pair of prescription glasses to correct her eye sight. She was then able to choose a new pair of glasses which were made up for her at our Livingstone Vision Centre. 

She is now able to continue her life-saving work once more. 

These glasses will make a huge difference in doing my job.

To help transform a life with a simple pair of glasses and allow someone to continue to work, you can donate now. Just £5 can pay for an eye test and a pair of glasses.