Young schoolboy can fulfil his potential with his new pair of glasses



Name: Soko

Country: Zambia

Occupation: Primary school student



Meet Soko, an eleven-year-old student living in Zambia. Like all children, Soko has big plans for his future and dreams of becoming a doctor. He knows that staying in school is a vital step for him to achieve his dream; however, his poor eye sight meant that he could no longer see the writing on the blackboard clearly in the classroom.

Thankfully, Soko's parents knew there were eye care services nearby and brought him to our Vision Centre in Chainama, Zambia, where he received a full eye test and was prescribed a brand-new pair of glasses to correct his vision. Thanks to our supporters, he can now continue his education and his dreams of becoming a doctor are now possible.

Sadly, there are still many children who desperately need glasses to achieve their dreams and stay in school. You can help make a difference today by making a donation.