Name:  Isatu

Country: Sierra Leone

Profession: Student

Isatu is a schoolgirl from the Kenema district of Sierra Leone.

She has a busy life helping her family with chores and with studying for school.

Did you know 80% of what a child learns is processed visually, and yet, 12 million children worldwide struggle to learn simply because they need glasses?

For her future, she dreams of going to university and of moving to America when she is older. However, Isatu needs to work hard at school to make those dreams come true.

Unfortunately, due to her poor eyesight, she has been struggling at school.


“I was unable to read and write well, see objects clearly from a far distance.

Spending time with my friends was also a problem and even at home.

I was unhappy because of these difficulties in doing my schoolwork.”


We know that education for girls is critical for the future health and prosperity of their families and communities. Girls who can’t see clearly to learn are more likely to drop out of school early.

Thankfully, Isatu’s school was taking part in our Child Eye Health scheme. Her teacher first screened her vision to check for problems and referred her to a visiting Eye Health Team, who provided her with the glasses she needed.

“I was also exited for the first time I got my glasses because, I think it is going to be of use to me in my studies and many other related activities.

The one biggest change since wearing my glasses is that, I am now able to read and write well and good interaction with my friends.”


Isatu can now see the blackboard clearly and can receive the education she needs to pass her exams and fulfil her dreams.

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