Vision Aid Overseas works in partnership with a wide range of supporters, partners and funders.

As a charity, we rely on the generosity of people like you to support our work. Our funding comes from a variety of sources including individuals, though membership subscriptions, gifts in wills and donations.

We are also supported by community organisations and a wide range of corporate supporters and grant makers.

Vision Aid Overseas is extremely grateful to everyone who makes our work possible. We aim to treat all those individuals and supporters who make our work possible with dignity and respect at all times.

We receive two types of funding restricted (for specific projects) and unrestricted (for the ongoing delivery of our charitable objectives).

Restricted Income

The charity also receives income from grant funders, public bodies and partner organisations that is related to the delivery of specific projects.

For a list of donating trusts and grant making bodies click here.

For a list of our corporate partners click here.

Restricted income is becoming more difficult to secure, in part due to cuts in public sector funding but also because of increased competition. This is increasing our reliance on unrestricted income to continue to fund our charitable activities.

Unrestricted Income

This type of income is extremely important because the charity can use it wherever the need is greatest to fight poverty by transforming access to eye care. Sources of unrestricted income include - membership and individual supporter’s subscriptions and donations from individuals, gifts in wills and General Donations


The vast majority of our expenditure is on delivery of overseas projects fighting poverty by transforming access to eye care. Our Professional Volunteers, delivering eye care to some of the world’s poorest people also fundraise and donate to Vision Aid Overseas.

For more detail on our expenditure please check our Annual Reports.

Multi-year funding partnerships

Currently, our largest multi-year funding partnerships are with: 

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID): for 'School Eye Health in Sierra Leone', reaching 44,000 children and 988 teachers at 159 primary schools, within two years between 2019-2021. See full details.

The Clothworkers Foundation: for 'Primary Eye Care Pilot Project', reaching over 320,000 people and improving the skills of 240 Community Health Workers, 16 Community Health Officers, and three optometry Technicians, within three years between 2019-2022. See full details.

Specsavers: for ‘Embedding sustainable Eye Care Services in Zambia’, reaching hundreds of thousands of people via Primary Eye Care and School Based Eye Health activities, within three years between 2020-2023. See full details.

This kind of funding enables VAO as a charity to operate at scale, to plan for and deliver our work strategically, using the methods here. We are proud to hold smaller grants too. But grants still do not provide all the funding we need each year to deliver in full on our mission. As a charity, we rely on donations from our supporters to help us to forge ahead, to innovate, and succeed in helping the world to see.  

International Aid Transparency Initiative

Vision Aid Overseas is committed to being transparent in its work and accountable to key stakeholders, in particular to the communities we work with.

Transparency is key to greater effectiveness and accountability, enabling us to demonstrate how effective our work is and how we constantly learn and improve on practice and performance.


The International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) aims to make information about aid spending easier to find, use and compare so that all stakeholders involved in aid programmes are better able to track what aid is being used and what it is achieving, from funders, supporters, the public and partners to the beneficiaries of that aid. Improving transparency also helps governments in developing countries manage aid more effectively. This means that each pound will go as far as possible towards fighting poverty.

Vision Aid Overseas is currently working towards full compliance to the transparency standards of the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI). Currently available data in XML format relates to our DFID funded project in the southern Ethiopia, but further project data will be available in the coming months.


  • Improving the livelihoods of people in five districts of Ethiopia by increasing access to primary eye care, spectacles and treatment for eye diseases (Vision Aid Overseas GPAF Project) - Download

  • GPAF Project (GPAF-IMP-094) Annual Report Year 1 - Download

  • GPAF Project (GPAF-IMP-094) Annual Report Year 2- Download