Whilst we’re all living with Covid-19 restrictions there are still a lot of ways you can fundraise and have fun at the same time.


Hold an online auction

You can ask for donations from businesses, friends and family and set up an online auction using social media. People can browse the lots and place bids from the comfort of their own homes. Place a deadline on bids and use a fundraising page for people to pay for their winning lots.  


Declutter and donate

If you’ve started doing some spring cleaning and have any old clothes, books, or bric-a-brac you want to get ride of, why not try selling somewhere like ebay, and use the sales as donations?


Share your skills

What could you teach others in return for a donation? Maybe you’re a dab hand with crafty and arty activities, a secret salsa guru, or a fitness expert. Whatever it is, from building bird boxes to baking or singing, you can share your hobbies online and ask for a donation in return.


Virtual book club

Read, share and discuss all your favourite books online and donate the money that you would've spent on drinks and snacks.

Isolation imagination: Set your own challenge! Climb the equivalent of Everest using your staircase, complete a marathon in the backyard...the possibilities are endless!


Birthday gifts

If you are celebrating a birthday in lockdown, you could ask for donations to VAO instead of presents and use your celebrations to help others when it matters most. You can also set up a birthday fundraising page on Facebook here.


Isolation imagination

Why not get creative and set your own challenge! How many trips up and down the stairs would be the equivalent of climbing Everest? How many laps around your garden would it take to complete a marathon? The possibilities are endless!


Online gig

If you have a musical talent, take it online to a virtual gig through Facebook or Instagram live. Set up a JustGiving page so that those who join your gig can make a donation.



With sports returning to our screens, hold a sweepstake with a prize for the winners and the rest being donated to VAO, or use something as simple as a football scratch card for an easy fundraiser.


Virtual pub quiz

Use Zoom, Skype, FaceTime or Google Hangouts to hold a virtual pub quiz. Set up a JustGiving page and ask your guests to make a donation to take part.


Please ensure you have checked and are following all current government guidelines for your local area when carrying out your fundraising activity. These guidelines are to be followed in addition to government regulations.

If you are planning a fundraising activity where you may come into contact with people outside of your household please ensure you follow the current government guidelines on social distancing and the local restrictions in your area, and please read our safety guidelines.

Please donate your fundraising money through our website visionaidoverseas.org/donate or call 01293 535 016 to donate by card. You can also send us a cheque, made payable to ‘Vision Aid Overseas’, or make a bank transfer, please email [email protected] for more details.

If restrictions are lifted and it is safe to gather sponsorship in person please use this sponsorship form.

Please protect yourself from fraud and carry out necessary checks before making any donations or payments online or over the phone.