Young school-girl can reach her dreams with her new pair of glasses

Name: Elisa

Country: Zambia

Occupation: Primary school student

Meet Elisa, an eleven-year-old student living in Zambia. Elisa dreams of becoming an accountant and knows that she needs to work hard in school to be able to reach her dreams. Unfortunately, due to her poor eye sight she struggled to see the writing on the blackboard clearly to learn properly and as a result couldn’t reach her full potential in school.


We know that education for girls is critical for the future health and prosperity of their families and communities. Girls who can’t see clearly to learn are more likely to drop out of school early. 


Thankfully, our team in Zambia visited Elisa’s school and screened all the children to see who needed a full eye-test. Elisa was then given an eye test and received a brand-new pair of glasses. She can now see the blackboard clearly and can receive the education she needs to become an accountant and make her parents proud.


Unfortunately, there are still many school-children like Elisa who desperately need an eye test and glasses to see clearly and reach their dreams and potential in school. Please help by making a donation today,