For people living in very remote communities, outreach services can be their only hope of improving poor eye sight. Outreach is often a person’s first ever experience of receiving quality eye care and glasses.

How do we do it?

Outreach services target communities and individuals who may not have the means to seek help themselves. Working within the local health systems and using locally trained eye care workers, our aim is for eye care services to become integrated into existing primary healthcare services in order to deliver eyecare to the more isolated communities, so that no one is left behind.


Eye tests are delivered free of charge to identify and diagnose poor eye sight. Any individual who requires glasses is given the opportunity to purchase them for a nominal fee. Some glasses can be dispensed on site, others will be made up in the nearest Vision Centre. Patients needing further treatment are referred to the nearest hospital for treatment.

The Kailahun Eyecare Project

An example of outreach work can be seen in our Kailahun Eyecare Project. The project aims to provide portable eyecare equipment and a motorbike to two Optometry Technicians to visit isolated rural communities in Sierra Leone

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