Young school student can now see the blackboard properly and fulfil her potential

Name: Catherine

Country: Zambia

Occupation: Primary school student 

Meet Catherine, a 7-year old student at the Rainbow Trust Primary School in Livingstone, Zambia. Catherine loves school, playing with her friends and has dreams of becoming a nurse when she is older. However, due to her poor eye sight, she was struggling to see the blackboard properly and was falling behind.


Did you know, 80% of what a child learns is processed through the visual system? It is therefore vital that they can see properly to learn at school. 


Thanks to our supporters and our team in Zambia, a school screening took place at Catherine’s school, allowing her and her friends to have an eye test for the first time. Catherine required a pair of glasses to improve her vision and she was given a choice of brand new frames to choose from, which were then made up for her at our local Vision Centre in Livingstone.


Just £5 can pay for an eye test and a pair of glasses.

This has had a dramatic effect on Catherine’s life, improving her vision and improving her grades at school as a result. Thanks to a simple pair of glasses, Catherine can see the backboard clearly and her dreams of becoming a nurse are now possible. 


Every child deserves the right to an education and without clear vision, this is not possible. Catherine’s life has been transformed and you can help make all the difference by donating just £5 today.