Let’s build BIG dreams in Sierra Leone! 


We are really excited to have partnered with PALA once again – together, we have a big vision for making dreams come true, and you could be part of the new eye-opening changes in Sierra Leone! 

PALA began life in 2016, founded on the ambition to produce high quality, long-lasting eyewear to fund change in eyecare in Africa. 

The problem 

Sierra Leone is in crisis. As one of the poorest countries in the world there are huge gaps in both the numbers of and the distribution of eye care staff in Sierra Leone. There are simply not enough staff to cover all the districts and provide the services they desperately need, the distribution of staff is inequitable between provinces, and particularly compared to the population distribution.  

Eye poverty is a harsh reality that is happening right now in Sierra Leone, and together we want to create huge impact’ 

Through amazing fundraising and support from their customers PALA has helped us to deliver eye care programmes such as School Eye Screening in Ethiopia and they funded the establishment of Chinsali Vision Centre in Muchinga Province, through their sales of sunglasses. We are now building on these amazing achievements to bring real change to Sierra Leone and make BIG dreams a reality 

In 2020 in Sierra Leone, there were an estimated 820,000 people with some form of vision loss. We don’t accept this, and together we won’t leave anyone behind. 


That’s why PALA and Vision Aid Overseas are joining forces to support the creation of a NEW Vision Centre in a rural community in the Northern Province of Sierra Leone – where the need is greatest. This is a key step in ensuring that everyone in Sierra Leone has access to much needed eye care.  

Over the next two years, PALA will be helping us to create, train, promote and distribute eye health through the Vision Centre, and helping those affected by poor sight to see their dreams come into focus!  

How will a Vision Centre forever change the quality of life in Sierra Leone? 

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The importance of Vision Centres is immeasurable. These local institutions serve as a walk-in centre for local communities, as a hub for eye health workers to train and develop their skills and as a regular working space to better manage the complex cases found during outreach projects. They also serve as a referral centre where everyone from children to adults can get the best possible care they need, where they can benefit from getting fully screened, isolating problems before they develop and, in most cases, having the simple prescription glasses they need.  

The Vision Centres enable staff to detect major eye problems early and early detection is critical to preserve someone’s sight, taking action as soon as possible to avoid them going blind forever.  

Did you know that glaucoma is usually very manageable using eye drops and an early diagnosis can prevent any significant vision loss at all in 90% of people who are diagnosed early? 

Supporting the development and creation of the vital infrastructures like Vision Centres provides a sustainable way to help Sierra Leone to see clearly. We believe that by supporting communities with local resources supports everlasting changes – and you can be a part of those changes for good!  

Your donation today will be the greatest legacy for small communities that have no access to health services, and this change will stay for generations to come. It means that children can go to school and see their books and classmates, it means that families can run businesses that provide for whole communities and enable those families a greater position to thrive, it means that generations of people can have the dignity they deserve, ultimately it means that the future for Sierra Leone is clear. 

You can donate now and celebrate National Eyewear Day with us, click this link to donate now  


 Donate Now

Keep your eyes and hearts open as we take you on a journey of eye-opening developments on our social media pages, you will be able to track progress, get live updates on the Vision Centre and hear first-hand about the amazing people helped through your kind donations.  

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